Well, Charlie, you still remember that day?! It was an irksome afternoon, when you sat in the corner bench of your shop tallying hopeless fans, chairs and lost workers. You became the silent witness for several trivial shops that picked up profit and procured a mighty shop. On the other hand, you was in a mess as your shop’s market value had fallen since six-seven months. And soon after, explored the secret behind your failure and accomplishment of the neighboring shop with a keen eye for every bit of detail. Henceforth, you grabbed the magic resolution. Yes!! the solution was, they had either moved their shop online with Magento or migrated their online shop to Magento. Consequently, even you have your online shop with Magento and it has ably worked wonders for you. You have become a trustworthy Magento fan!! This unmistakable twist in your life history made an inquiry on Magento and share with my web friends as well.

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform with certain features emphasized below.
• SEO Friend
• Internationalization support
• Built-in e-commerce web shop features
• Standard modular architecture
• Expert consultants
• Security
• Code level access
• Magento Connect
• Web services API

Original Resource: http://www.magentous.com/magento-developer-San-diego-California.php


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