Why Magento is Known as The Best eCommerce Platform?

We all know that Magento is an open source eCommerce platform with rich functions, features and tools that help us to make one of the best eCommerce stores. It has a lot to offer to developers, business owners and users that makes it the best choice for the development of eCommerce store.

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The Design Strategies To Be Considered When Planning For A Magento Store


A well-planned online business launch is half work successfully done. One has to take time and think carefully about his project before the first design or first line of code is initiated. The perfect Magento online store is likely to achieve the goals one has mapped out for it.

The Magento e-commerce website development has taken its new course as more and more business persons are opting for the multi store to widen their business range and the general availability of Magento 2.0 version.

The design factor plays a key role in determining the customer experience and the usability of the website in order to convert visitors into actual buyers. Having a professionally designed website is the prime effort for a site’s credibility. The design style has to be attractive and engaging to project impression on the likely customers.

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Magento Themes and Useful Extension for Online Stores

Magento platform has become a sensation in eCommerce development industry and is providing robust solutions to the business owners. Online stores are the most wanted technology and products in demand today and Magento is mean on the business.

Magento has proved its metal long back after the launch itself and today maximum numbers of online stores are developed on this platform. However, it does not stop here, magento ecommerce website development is getting more advanced as it is continuously adding more useful and functional extensions for the developers like Magento Easylightbox, this is an extension that helps in affiliate marketing by showing images of various products as light box.

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How To Choose the Right Magento Development Services for Your Ecommerce Needs?

Many retailers are moving their business to the online space to offset dawdling growth and increased operational costs. Ask for recommendations from any top ecommerce web development company for an ideal ecommerce development platform and Magneto would be a top contender.

As competition in the virtual market aggravates finding the right Magento ecommerce development service becomes a challenging task. Magneto is an open source software and therefore paves way for the mushrooming of several small companies promising outstanding results.

Read on to create a checklist of the most important parameters to consider for an ecommerce business website or while opting for PSD to Magento conversion.

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Develop Your Cross-platform Compatible Enterprise Application With PhoneGap

PhoneGap is an open source cross-platform application development framework used to create native applications for mobile devices using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Mobile apps could be created with a single code base and make them run on the web browser view. This saves developer’s time and client’s money as well because it requires different languages and frameworks to build applications for each of the gadgets working on either Android, Windows or the iOS platforms. PhoneGap uses standard based technologies and bridges the mobile devices with the web applications.

In brief, PhoneGap development creates cross-platform compatible mobile apps and increases the app presence multi-fold. Moreover, they are user-friendly with high functionality and thus increases the Return of Investment (ROI) for the firms.Content source

It Is Time To Prepare For Online Sales With Magento For The Year 2016

Magento thrives well as the best e-commerce solution to run online stores of any size and complexity. The statistics of Magento development clearly depicts it as the top used open source platform and many world-renowned companies trust and have empowered their businesses with it. The merchants attribute their sales uplift by ten to eighty percent for its features without a second spell. Further, the users report a  comfortable experience.

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An Insight into Magento Performance for a Successful Online Business

In the global commercial market, winning over the competition online is a tight-rope walk. Magento, the popular e-commerce platform provides a forward leap for the business with its plausible features for any kind of businesses like small, medium or large sized ones of any verticals. Henceforth, it’s not a surprising issue to find the business persons flocking behind the Magento web development company for creating a focused website. It comes with all the required flexibilities and stands as an ideal platform for retailers to keep up their e-business website.

Furthermore, Google utilizes site speed for web search ranking. And speed is important for user experience apart from the Google search. The slower websites are bound to convert less and the influence of slow website lasts for long and spreads like wildfire in the mindset of the user. There are complaints about Magento for being a slow system, which would affect the market value adversely. Therefore, even though the website is optimal in its design and development phases, Magento speed optimization is crucial to gain success in online business.


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