Foxycart is a powerful, secure and flexible e-commerce platform that does only one thing. It is not an all in one solution for the e-commerce problem but a cart plus checkout flow, built to integrate into the existing designs and functionality. It is just a tool and not the whole tool box, which is intuitive, powerful and usable, which is summarised as follows.

For foxycart web designers:
The web designers can use their own designs or templates. Foxycart securely and automatically cache into the existing templates, HTML+CSS. Just one has to create a link or a form to use foxycart and serve the clients in an impossible ways, without relearning the crafts.

For foxycart web developers:
It is built to integrate under the power of instant XML datafeeds, single sign-on, API access, full JSONP control, billing support, and more. It is flexible. For instance, if the developer builds an order form, the cart can likely handle the products. One can foucs entirely on his project theme, for its integration is not as difficult as PCI compliance, redundant infrastructure, 3rd party integrations, or the security patches.

For merchants:
The merchants can sell any products that could be physical, intangible, custom products, subscriptions, registrations, downloadables, and, etc., and convert more visits to sale owing to the one time easy checkout with foxycart. And merchants can readily focus on other core competencies when foxycart is there for them.

A] Selling a physical product: Selling the real, tangible product is easy by creating a link or form with the product details such as name, price, weight, and a category set up with shipping options.

B] Custom products: As foxycart is not a CMS and does not handle product catalog, it offers unlimited flexibility and perfectly suits for custom products.

C] Subscriptions: Foxycart stores customer’s payment information and provide access to subscriptions, through the admin for merchants, through the API for developers and a variety of link possibilities that is included in the e-mail receipts by default for the customers. Without being dependant on gateway-specific solutions, merchants can process subscription and recurring-billing type products in a more secure and flexible way.

D] Downloadable products: The system has a downloadable manager by which the merchant can upload the files to the system and specify the number of times to download. Thus, it is easily with foxycart as it comes with different options to power them.

E] Beyond products: Foxycart’s product categories provide additional functionality for values that cannot be set on a pre-product basis such as taxes, shipping, handling, discounts, coupons, category specific email notifications, and, etc.

Henceforth, it is worth to contract a well renowned foxycart development company for the merchants to have a custom cart. The product information is passed onto customer’s cart and stored for them to checkout and purchase using a link or a form. Thereby, the merchants can sell any type or number of products without limitations.

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