These days smartphones meet the requirements of a consumer and the enterprises as well owing to its peerless user experience accompanied by constitutive and restrictive features as per the demand. That means to say, user can establish preferred applications and enhance collaboration and workflow. The use of mobile apps have significantly raised today owing to its ubiquity, manifolds all the possibilities, lies in proximity to customers, provides unmatched user-experience with better visibility and more.

Android is an open source, solid platform built on a language that has millions of developers. And truly, the growth of any mobile industry depends on the widely accepted platform.

Android, being a Linux based, multiprocess, multithreaded operating system does not get restricted to smart phone alone, and one can build a DVR, a handheld GPS, MP3 player, and, etc. However, android’s market penetration in case of smartphones is remarkable. It runs on various devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. In addition to being cross-compatible, it has the tools to develop cross-compatible applications. Furthermore, the Google has feature detection arrangement that permits download of apps compatible to the respective mobile device.

The first and foremost feature of Android mobile application development is the security it provides with sandbox that demands explicit permission that gets declared at the time of installation. The Android software development kit (SDK) provides the tools and Application Programme Interface (APIs) essential to develop applications using the Java programming language.

Android design follows a unique philosophy that is the application must be fast, respond to the user within five seconds, must be secure and seamless. Furthermore, android favors the app developer to develop applications as per his demands.
For instance A] One prefers to write an app to tweet the current location throughout the day, it is possible by using android’s location services and a third-party Twitter API.
B] Location-based gaming is popular today. A game runs a background service and keeps checking the current locations. If there is another user within a confined distance, the player gets a notification to add the player.

Through enrollment of enthusiastic and productive application developers, equipped to integrate the right technology and tools in making innovative applications for different strategies; is judgemental when creating apps for mass consumption, an Android app development company emphatically offer solutions for its clients in connection of their necessities. That is, they target individuals from distinctive backgrounds in the globe. Millions of apps developed so far focus on the current and modern necessities with intuitive usage, faster acceptability, security and reliability.  And there has been colossal downloads of these simple yet high profitability Apps.

They further offer customized solutions for Android app development services that include various industry domains, namely Information Technology, e-commerce, retail, education, advertising, Travel and hospitality, gaming, healthcare, pharmacy,  manufacturing, entertainment, telecom, location and weather, auctions, banking, and, etc.

Nevertheless to say, within a short span of its inception, Android has occupied an outstanding place providing a bedazzled experience for the developers and the users with its flawless features.

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