Android is the most popular mobile operating system installed on a variety of smartphones and tablets. One can easily use smart phones just as using a computer for various purposes namely watch videos, play games, search information on web, write e-mails, and so on. Well, the advantages does not end here, one can download applications to carry out routine activities like banking, navigation while travelling to unknown destinations, take pictures with artistic filtration, customise handset appearance, order household groceries, and, etc. In a way, smart phones are easing human activities. There are countless number of downloadable free, paid or ‘lite’ versions of apps available in the Google Play Store for user’s benefit. Still, there is a demand for new apps, and competition to emerge out as the best smart phone in the market paving way for Android Application Development Company.

Furthermore, the mobile app developers find developing apps on a android platform more feasible owing to its radiant features. An efficient app developer is capable of integrating the apt tool with technology to develop apps for various domains and  numerous apps are on the pipeline for research and release as well, that encapsulate A] Enterprise, B] Business, C] Public utility and Recreation.

A] Enterprise: Acceptance of mobile at workplace has increased with these apps resonance in the market. Numerous companies provide mobiles for their employees featured with data security, device management and applications. Android is apt supporting enterprise apps owing to its VPN Support and secure Wi-Fi, e-mail exchange, password / PIN lock benefits, meets device Policies, Remote Lock / remote wipe API, and so on.

B] Business: In case of business apps, android is not left behind. Microsoft has launched office version for android tablets. Other apps include quick books, expense manager, skype, adwords express, gotomeeting, and more facilitating easy transaction and communication for business purposes even while travelling.

C] Public utility and Recreation: There are countless games apps (angry birds, hill climbing, temple run, and etc.) and public utility apps facilitating taxi booking, movie ticket booking, restaurant booking and more.

A few of the feasibilities in android app development are as follows.
1] Native Android apps uses the Java programming language, and are easily ported to other mobile operating systems like Blackberry, Symbian, Ubuntu and even Chrome OS.
2] Android Studio basically developed for android app development is very fast and efficient. One can set up a project within few seconds.
3] Java, a proven programming language is applied.
4] Google Play store forms a perfect platform for fast, refined updates.
5] Android app development can be done on Windows, Mac and Linux.
6] Android apps are highly profitable. In addition advertising charges are low comparatively.
7] It is economical to target the platform and provides great access to the potential users. It has high market share.

Hitherto, android platform favors a mobile app developer, giving rise to Android app development services, India and elsewhere in the world. One can easily get in touch with them for customized powerful and scalable applications for any android devices. Android truly offers a wide scope for various Industries.

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