The word ‘Magento’ is so magnetic for a business person residing in San Diego or any place across the globe to develop his e-commerce website and occupy a remarkable place in the world-wide commercial centre. It has solidly established in the field of business, spreading its branches broadly and in this way giving shelter to all the business organizations (such as B2B or B2C) alike.

Further, several research and analysis of e-commerce software prove ‘Magento’ as the best e-commerce software for enterprises and fast-growing online businesses. Truly speaking, San Diego Magento e-commerce development company has changed the business scenario over there, since years together by rendering the best e-commerce solutions for its clients with Magento.

Each business has its own merits, specialities and requirements. And, Magento is scalable and flexible for each needs of the specified business. Everything from website design, storefront’s interface and background processes are liable to customization exactly as per wish.

Read on further, regarding certain features that makes one to pick ‘Magento’ without inhibition.

  • An open-source fully featured e-commerce platform with endless customization. It has a solution for each business(small, medium or large scale).

  • Endless options and support resources from San Diego e-commerce developer(s).

  • The installation, maintenance, and support from Magento team are cost-effective.

  • Thousands of customizable themes are available.

  • Magento takes care of everything from selection, check out, shipping ways and payment process with multiple payment options.

  • Instant access for customers with enriched user experience

  • Manages product catalogs, image export and import, browsing, and, etc.

  • Search engine optimization(SEO): Boosts traffic directly to the store and individual products as well.

  • Marketing through product reviews, comparisons, and social sharing on Facebook/Twitter.

  • Traffic monitoring through Google Analytics integration, sales reports, best purchased products, and more.

  • Website speed optimization services for Magento stores.

  • Manages to build multi-stores.

  • Preferred web hosting provider.

  • Magento upgrade, migration, PSD to Magento conversion, extension, and more.

  • There exists Magento wiki, forum, consulting services, Magento development and customization classes, video training on demand, and more for help in any regard relating to Magento.

  • Improved modular architecture

  • Addition of rich snippets to enhance the organic visibility

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