We come across n number of articles or survey reports stating the challenges of Mobile app development Company, in India or anywhere across the world. Indeed, in this electronic world, the technology is moving so fast that, one or the other new version of electronic gadgets invade the marketplace through various companies with better features or apps than the previous one available in the market.

Interestingly, the anticipation of new apps from public or the businessmen are more appreciating and challenging for none other than mobile app developers. Developing app for mobile is not an easy task for there are various mobiles with different operating systems, resolutions and screen sizes. That is, it is a new generation altogether where the apps developed must be compatible with different operating system and platforms of various phones. The developers ought to concentrate either on one operating system or develop cross-platform mobile apps. Of course, both has its own special features, advantages and market value. The available various operating system include i OS, android, blackberry, and, etc.

Truly speaking, each operating system has its own advantages and usage level. For instance, Blackberry holds the largest market share from corporate users, and people seeking virtual ‘business partner’ owing to its high degree of security and control. It completely encrypts the data and restricts the application abilities. Blackberry market is not so targeted by either malware or spyware developers in comparison to other operating systems. Practically, anyone could see several companies providing blackberry as the official phone for their employees. Such is the extent of its usage and popularity.

Blackberry continues to be the only Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM) provider addressing the whole picture from blackberry application development, device management, technical support, app migration (strategy, application architecture, regulatory compliance, and all factors critical to a successful migration) and so on.

Blackberry’s standard based development frameworks make it easy to expand application for multi-platform usage. Further, blackberry app developer(s) strenuously involve in constructing HTML5, local, or half breed applications as per client’s needs using toolboxes for simple execution. Of course the apps have to be easy for navigation.

Original Resource: http://www.sooperarticles.com/technology-articles/mobile-application-development-articles/enterprises-rely-blackberry-application-development-their-business-apps-1420120.html


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