It is five years since I moved my family to Los Angeles after acquiring a permanent job over there in the field of Medicine. Since then, I could not meet my childhood friend and last month he surprised me by visiting us all of a sudden without intimation. Well, as we were chatting, I admired his novel way of dressing, perfumes and asked him the shop address to buy a few clothes for myself and my family and friends.

As per his word, I made an attempt to search the shop in my mobile. Even after a few attempts, I could not shop online, as it was showing errors and browsing over the shop became tedious with failed results. I called the customer care service and hit the phone angrily. You know, seriously the phone call brought a twist in their business that I never thought. For the story did not end there, and the shop had migrated to “Magento” immediately.

One of the Magento developers Los Angeles is my friend, and through him received the news regarding the shop’s migration. I browsed the shop’s new user friendly website and amazed to watch that, I developed interest to know about Magento. Magento is a feature-rich open resource platform to develop an outstanding e-commerce website. It is user friendly and possess several characters advantageous for online shoppers such as they can look into the catalogs of products using filters, select colors of choice with price range, view latest arrivals and fashion in the market, select design, register their account, select multiple items, chose shipment and payment modes, opt for reverse pick up, gain award points, discounts and more. The website matches with the perspective of a customer’s choice and delight. I sincerely cast my vote for Magento development services in Los Angeles for developing such an exquisite website for online shopping.

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