The world is narrowing to the size of a fist fitting into man’s yearnings. Everything is in his reach through the advent of smartphones. In spite of the fact that the cell phone was a simple handset earlier, it has assumed its esteem in our daily life these days owing to its innumerable uses such as a camera, music player, screen capture, video calling, web browser and etc. With the onset of new technology; new software and operating systems are likewise acquiring up gradation making ways for life more easier. Mobile OS has incredibly advanced from Palm OS to Windows OS to Blackberry OS to Android OS. Android is the most widely used OS that runs on millions of hand held gadgets far and wide. (For the tech novitiate – operating system/OS is the foremost main software installed on computer, phone or any electronic device that controls all the operations.)

Android provides the foremost platform for apps and games for the devices built by many manufacturers all around the world. It has a powerful development framework that it scopes for a wide range of devices such as tablets, phones and beyond. Android supports connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth, tethering and facilitate its users in a plausible manner. The apps for all activities from a useful tool to silliest games could be downloaded at free of expense by reviewing its popularity and number of downloads. It has evolved as the master of apps with new screens on your wrist, car or the living room. Android apps are designed for function and fashion of the day like storage of music online, android wear with hues to match the daily dress code, finding mobile with a call, identifying calls and much more that leads you entirely to a novel dreamland of wonders.  Read More: Please Visit


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