What is the importance of mobility solutions and mobile apps for a growing business


The number of smartphone users across the globe has grown phenomenally. As a result, mobile internet has now taken over web internet, as more and more people are using mobiles for online access. This has made mobility solutions and mobile apps a must-have for business enterprises. Mobile apps are all the more significant for businesses in their evolutionary stages as these help them achieve their targeted growth at a faster pace. The benefits that such businesses can avail from mobile apps are immense.

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Why Cloudways Makes The Best Choice For Magento Store Hosting

Why Cloudways Makes The Best Choice For Magento Store Hosting

Magento, with its rich features and functionalities, undoubtedly makes an ideal e-commerce platform. Convenient development and thriving community support make other good reasons for relying on this platform. On the flip side, the real challenge that sellers come across is to find the right hosting partner for running their Magento store. An inappropriate choice can cause issues with even the best-designed stores as it can lower SERP positions as well as hamper speed. Therefore, it is vital to choose theĀ  hosting service with great care.

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Design your Website for the Users

What is User Centered Website Design

A website development company is sought after by several industrial personnel to have their site developed. Each of the clients comes with their own challenges and ask for to be special and unique in their task. In any case, the end users [they could be confined to a region like Gurgaon or at a global level] form the driving force and one must know what the user wants from the site and it forms the starting point for designing or the content. The business objective and the implementation of software technology revolve around it.

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Advantages of Magento 2 for the Online Merchants


As a store owner, the merchants would prefer e-commerce website development to move online. An online store and a mobile application have become the necessity for trading today.

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Mobile App Categories That Are Making It Big In 2017


Mobile applications have become an indispensable part of human existence these days. They have attained a level of addiction as smartphone users fail to imagine life without the ones that they use every day. From business to health care, education, travel, banking, and entertainment, there is an app for every imaginable human activity. Though there are millions of mobile applications to choose from, some are more popular as compared to others. Here are the most popular categories that have been identified looking at the mobile application development trends in 2017

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10 Best PHP Frameworks For Developing High Performance Websites

Best PHP Frameworks

PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages used for developing websites and web apps. For years, this open-source scripting language has been acclaimed for being stable and secure. However, it has evolved over a period of time. To begin with, PHP developers wrote custom codes for every single functionality, which was a tedious task. Over the time, they realized that they needed a solution for this and came up with the concept of PHP frameworks.

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Big Data: Making It Big For E-Commerce Retailers


The benefits of Big Data analytics for online businesses make the technology a worthy investment, and tapping into the expertise of qualified professionals helps retailers get the most advantage from it. The journey seems to be a long one, particularly for small retailers who have to think twice before making such a massive investment. But, as this technology is surely going to reshape the e-commerce retail industry in future, failing to use Big Data may put retailers at a significant disadvantage compared to competitors.

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